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Inspired by the original pocket watches from 1780

We have created the Ophion OPH 786




Looking at the current market, we felt, that there is not any good guilloche option and an entry level price.

Usually they all have stamped guilloche dials, making the dial with stamped techniques, doesn´t have the same quality of a proper guilloche, with a stamped process, the cuts that created the patterns are not deep enough, when the light incise in this surfaces the reflections that created doesn’t have the same brightness as in a proper engraved guilloche

Our goal was to offer a really good real guilloche at an affordable price, that’s why we choose to do a CNC engraved guilloche that has the same level of quality as a real handmade guilloche, but doesn’t increase the cost as much

This way we have the best of both world, the incredible effects of the quality of real guilloche but an a more affordable price



For out movement we wanted to do a very original caliber so we took the Technotime base and re-designed the bridges and decoration in the same way that we had design the watch, following the looks and symmetry of them movements of the pocket watches from 1780.

With a complete new geometry and hand hammered decoration, the aesthetic language of the watch and the movement were designed with the same idea in mind, where the movement and the watch is created as a whole, and not two different elements that they are together by chance.


grey brow.png

We took the key elements from 1700 era, developing and changing each element for having a more original look. 

Blending the classical look with a more modern approach we combine both world in once incredible piece

Developing and designing each details, give different sensations every time you look at the watch, depending of your surroundings the reflections of the dial behave in a different way, finding new details every time your environment change.

ficha esfera detalle con foto recortado.png


For the dial we wanted to have a very tridimensional effect, and enhance the guilloche works, we created a base of guilloche and we added a layer of rings on top, for the hours and minutes.

This layer has the hour and minute marks hollow, so you can see the guilloche base below, creating a sandwich effect but with a guilloche base.

The different textures and material creates contrast, facilitating looking the time with a quick glance.




ficha maquinaria 2cortada.png
2 sma.jpg

our own designed movement

The power house of our watch we wanted to have the same aesthetic approach that we have use in designed the watch, we study the movements from old pockets watches, and we found some characteristic that were present in the majority of the movements.

With a symmetrical design and independent bridges, we re-shape our base movements with the philosophy of the past.

The decorations are also done following the aesthetics of the era, with and hand hammered finish that is impaired by the mercury evaporation that they use in that time.

The machine chamfering on the edges and the subtle gray finish of the bridges creates a nice contrast with the independent balance wheel, that has a straight brushed finish, a beautiful touch of contrasts with the rest of the elements.

grey brow.png


Case: 316L Stainless Steel hand polish

Size: Bezel: 38.5 mm Case: 39 mm 

Lug width: 20mm

Thickness without crystal: 8.85mm

Thickness with crystal: 10.35mm

Top domed sapphire crystal, Botton flat sapphire crystal

Dial:  Multilayered CNC Guilloche dial or Granular Gray

Hands: Thermal Blued hands or Nickel plated

Hand made Leather strap, Cow leather with the base price and leather Alligator with the upgrade


Price with cow lethar strap:

Granular Gray and Nickel Hands: 1.890 euros without taxes and shipping

CNC Guilloche dial. thermal Hands or Nickel hands: 2.190 euros without taxes and shipping


Alligator leather strap instead of the cow leather strap: 80 euros

Extra Alligator strap: 150 euros

reservation OPH 786

The prices are with cow leather strap

For the granular grey 1.890 euros without taxes and shipping

For blue or silver guilloche 2.190 euros without taxes and shipping

80 euros for upgrading the leather strap to alligator strap

150 euros for the extra Alligator strap

The deposit is the first payment, the rest of the balance is pay when the production is finished

For the Granular Grey the deposit is 1.150 euros, the total price is 1.890 without taxes and shipping

For blue or silver guilloche the deposit is 1.250 euros, the total price is 2.190 euros without taxes and shipping